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My dad’s more of the fire and brimstone type, as you can tell from his hairstyle.

I see where Misha gets it from. And for once Misha is the normal one

What an awesome family though.

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It’s complicated.


It’s complicated.

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Friendly reminder that the Duckbill Platypus is not beaver sized but the tiniest most cutest patootie being in existence 


i thought these things were the size of like, large cats or something. ITS FUCKING TINY JESUS

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We all have to kill titans. Maybe you’re fighting an anxiety-type titan. Or a school-type titan. Or an illness-type titan or a family-type titan or a relationship-type titan or an addiction-type titan or a self confidence-type titan or a society-type titan or just a fucking titan in general. Kill that titan, I know you can do it. Kill the fucking titan. You’ve fought this far, and I know you can win. KILL THE TITAN

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These are some techniques I use when I’m having a panic attack.

I’m no expert, but they seem to help me out, so maybe they’ll help you out too.

Just seeing this makes me want to cry.

When did my life start feeling like it was more than I can handle?

I needed this last night,

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1. “Do you like when I…?”
2. “I like when you…”
3. “Will you…?”
4. “How does this feel?”
5. “Do you want me to…?”
6. “Do you want to…?”
7. “Is there anything you want to try?”
8. “Show me what you like.”
9. “Do you want to go further?”
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sometimes people are like sunshine and sometimes people are like rainclouds but thats ok because both are important to make the flowers grow

i love you

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Once u mess up liquid eyeliner there is no going back


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